Luke Ashbrook, 2022 Kimball Golf Club Champion golfer of the year.

Are you an average golfer?

Are you an average golfer? Here are some statistics from the National Golf Foundation. The one caveat is that the following figures vary greatly depending on the age and gender of the golfer, as well as the region of the country in which they live.

Here are some recent statistics to help you gauge whether you are average; the average golfer plays eight rounds a year. According to the United States Golf Association, the average handicap for men in the United States in 2021 was 14. This is slightly lower than 14.2 reported in 2020. The average handicap index among women in 2021 was 27.7. While men’s golfers saw a slight drop in their scores year to year, women’s indexes were slightly higher than the 27.5 reported in 2020.

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