Bathroom Shower Designs

If you want an amazing house you really need to pay attention to the details. A Custom bathroom with a beautiful shower design is a remarkable way of adding equity and achieving that amazing house title.

A lot of the time, people invest in things like marble flooring for the kitchen and other expensive accessories for their house but often forget to bring the same beauty into their bathrooms.

Take today’s modern shower as an example. Today’s shower contains way more than a shower faucet and a shower head. Think multi-head and multi-faucet. Think beautiful and exotic.

Performance showering is quickly becoming one of home improvements hottest new trends as more people begin to design the bathroom of their dreams.

Budget and Size

The sad but true reality is that most of us lack the thousands of dollars and extra square feet needed to build our luxury bathroom. Thankfully, nowadays showers are available in wide varieties of shape and sizes and can be outfitted with amazing features to provide the most amazing experience of bathing without a huge chunk of change or a mansion to accommodate it.

The Basics

A shower can be installed as either a standalone or as part of a bathtub, but of course you probably already knew that. After the budget has been decided, think about the size of your new shower and what will fit in your bathroom. If you have a big bathroom you can go for a tub with shower, standalone or both. A small bathroom will have to be equipped with a standalone shower.

The Design

Your local contractor can help you decide on what’s logical and affordable when it comes to custom built showers.

If you are on a budget and unable to do a full blown remodel, you can take what you have and make it better. Generally showers are equipped with grab bars and soap dishes. Simple upgrades to these items can drastically improve your shower.

Take it a step further and upgrade your old shower fixtures to something more exotic, and if the budget allows, replace the tile with something more exotic and more appealing. You can do a lot with very little if you shop around and work with your contractor.

A better shower can really improve quality of life. Visitors will appreciate your bathroom a little more and this will reflect who you are and the quality of that amazing house you call home.

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