Commercial Floor Cleaning – Advice on Prevention and Maintenance

A commercial environment presents different challenges when it comes to maintaining your floor and keeping it clean. There is, generally speaking, a greater volume of traffic and more factors exposed to the floor, more people coming in and out, more furniture etc. There are many different types of floor and each floor type is suitable for a different location but they have one thing in common – they all require regular cleaning and maintenance if you wish to keep them looking good.

Different floors require different forms of maintenance. These floor types can include hard wood, vinyl or natural stone or fabricated tiles – but there are some general tips that apply to all floors. Although some general guidelines, there may be occasions where you may wish to consult a commercial floor cleaning company for advice on sealant, specialist cleaning etc.

The key to maintaining the floor is usually prevention, followed by some simple maintenance steps. The first stage of this process is (assuming the floor was professionally installed) the application of a good quality sealant. A sealant is important as it provides an extra level of protection and helps make the surface less porous – effectively waterproofing it which comes in extremely useful in the case of accidental spillages. There are however a large number of sealants available and not all may be suitable for your particular type of floor. For example stone floors can come with a polished or a rough surface finish and many people go for the rough finish for its slip resistant quality. If you then apply a wax based sealant, it may be effective in the case of spillages, but will reduce this slip resistant quality. If you have any doubts, a commercial floor cleaning specialist will be able to recommend one for you and advise you how to apply it.

Once a sealant has been applied, the next step is to protect it and the surface and that means avoiding tiny surface scratches and abrasions. These scratches remove the sealant and expose the surface and also provide a space where bacteria and grime can build up over time. It is possible that regular cleaning efforts will not be enough to clean these areas properly when scratching occurs. If a stain becomes noticeable and you cannot clean it in a satisfactory manner it is possible that layer upon layer has built up to the point where you simply will not be able to clean it with a mop. It is at this moment that you will need to consider contacting a commercial floor cleaning company to clean it effectively.

To avoid surface scratching, place doormats at entrances (most grit and dirt is walked into the area on the soles of shoes) and sweep and vacuum regularly to remove it all. After the area is cleaned mopping should be sufficient to keep the floor clean. Care should also be taken when moving heavy objects and if possible padded protective tips should be added to the corners of furniture and sharp objects and chair legs.

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