Enjoy a Spa-Like Experience With Bathtek 9002 Steam Shower Cabins

Numerous shower cabins have emerged in the market during the past few years, a testament to the undeniable fact that they are now the most preferred bathroom fixture. With a shower cabin, one can enjoy the best in comfort and relaxation. The experience is also similar to being in a spa. Shower cubicles are considered as wise investments for any household. With a wide array of shower-type cabins available today, it is much easier for buyers to choose the right equipment

The Bathtek 9002 steam shower cubicle is one of the highly recommended shower cabins out in the market today. This model comes from Bathtek, the most trusted manufacturer of steam showers in the United Kingdom. Bathtek is known for providing steam showers to a wide number of spa and health centers in the UK. But, they are now also catering to the global market.

This popular and elongated-type cabin is available in left and right handed variations. The steam cabin is ideal for use for just about everyone in the family. Anyone is sure to experience a soothing time inside the steam cabin right at the comfort of their homes. The cabin also guarantees to bring a lot of health benefits to its users, particularly to those who suffer from asthma, colds, and respiratory problems.

Bathtek 9002 has dimensions of 1300 x 850 x 2170 mm. The actual tray has a height measuring 500 mm while the door gap has a maximum measurement of 650 mm. It also features a remote control, making it easier to regulate steam time as well as the temperature settings. Moreover, the cabin has a thermostatic shower along with a topical monsoon top shower measuring 25 centimeters. Users will also be entertained with the cabin’s built-in radio, while sufficient lighting is provided by its LED lighting.

In general, the Bathtelk 9002 shower cabin is undoubtedly a stylish and functional addition to any bathroom space. With its amazing feature and high-quality construction, you will be assured of a sound investment!

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