Finding The Most Effective Chemicals For Cleaning Your Home

Even if you’re just shopping at your local supermarket, the range of cleaning chemicals on offer is absolutely staggering these days. Different brands clutter the shelves making various promises to do this or that, and while some of them may live up to their claims, are they safe to use? Striking a balance between a cleaning chemical which is safe and gets the job done effectively is more tricky that it may seem at first.

Many people these days are all too aware of allergies and things like asthma, which can be aggravated by using the wrong cleaning product. Many turn to ‘green’ cleaning method, or even opt for the DIY route and break out the lemon juice, but that’s not always as good a remedy as people think for stain removal. Avoiding cleaners that contain harmful chemicals is obviously a very positive step if you’re trying not to aggravate allergies.

As a shopper, if you’re looking to buy a chemical cleaner that is environmentally friendly and free of chemicals, it’s not as easy glancing at the label on the front. A lot of scrutiny is required to crack through the marketing and find the truth, as is the case with many foods we buy at the supermarket. So make your first port of call a run through of the ingredients used.

Another great resource for finding the right chemical cleaning products is the internet. A concerned and interested consumer might well join a forum or group to get insight and information from people with similar concerns. But nowadays most people tend to shop online anyway, and one of the best things about shopping online is the level of detail you can get – far more than simply picking up a bottle in a supermarket. Buying your chemical cleaning products online will give you access to a wealth of information which could help inform your purchase, from product descriptions and organized information to customer reviews and opinion. There’s no substitute for some honest, hard-earned customer reviews when it comes to making a purchase decision, and on the web you have this right at your fingertips.

There are also a number of different ‘categories’ when it comes to selecting the right cleaning agent. Here are just a few of them to help you decide:


This type of cleaning chemical is excellent for removing stains on hard surfaces such as ovens and work tops. The emulsifier will cut through dirt and grease and hold on to it, allowing you to simply wipe it away after a short while. These chemicals usually require you to leave the cleaner on the surface for a while before scrubbing or wiping.

Abrasive Cleaners

An abrasive chemical cleaning agent do precisely what you might expect – they use sheer power to remove stains and dirt. For a chemical cleaner to be classified as ‘abrasive’ it usually has a very course solution and, when fired with speed, will remove even the toughest stains. This is a practice most commonly used in industrial settings.


An oxidant will get to work on your stains by breaking down organic materials. They do this by extracting the oxygen from them, reducing their ability to cling to a surface. This often used on carpets and would usually be followed by some vacuuming to finish of the process.

One final bit of advice to remember is that not all cleaning products necessarily do what they say they will do. There are lots of loopholes when it comes to marketing these things, and you shouldn’t put all your faith in the labels you read. Make time to do some research before you strap on the marigolds and choose the right product for the job!

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