Good Shower Curtain Fabrics – How to Find the Best For Your Bathroom

Because you should always use a shower curtain liner in your shower area to protect the decorative curtain in front of it, there are several fabrics that are nicer … dressier … than vinyl that can be appropriately used in your bathroom decor. While most people don’t think that vinyl is all that bad, sometimes changing the entire bathroom scheme can start with a different kind of shower curtain.

Different types abound and are relatively inexpensive. There are cute plastic shower curtains that are appropriate in certain places, such as a children’s bathroom, a summer cabin, or a small shower stall in a tiny room. In other words, places where you don’t need to worry constantly about how they are being used and maintaining them.

Canvas is a sturdy material, somewhat rough to the touch, and which will not wrinkle when exposed to too much humidity. However, they are a bit heavy, a little pricey, and not totally moisture resistant, so you will still need a plastic liner. it will add a rustic flavor to your bathroom which you can expand on with matching wicker accessories. The shower curtain can be double rodded or even stitched to the back of your canvas curtain, if you are feeling ambitious and it will not only hold the heavier weight, but will also be quite stylish.

You can use polyester shower curtains. They are similar to canvas, in their sturdy and thick texture. But they are more resistant to water, lighter, easier to clean, and cheaper than canvas. They come in a number of colors making them perfect to use as part of an overall bathroom theme or as a background to an overall look and feel.

For a really luxurious bathroom look, you can go all they way and use silk or satin. It would be wise to arrange them with tie-backs, to keep them protected from the water, or at least tie them back when showering. You will need to invest in a heavier plastic liner for this type of curtain, since it is easily damaged by water, and you don’t want something that tears too easily behind it.

Now that you know more about the various types of shower curtains there are, you can add it to your list of decorative items to add to your overall bathroom style.

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