Hitachi QB35E Vacuum Cleaner – For All Your Wet And Dry Dust Extraction

Floor cleaning is a part of our day-to-day lives. It is either your profession all you do it at home. Either way, you need an effective cleaning tool, a tool that has the capability of giving quality cleans regardless of the status of the dust in the room; giving results on both wet and dry dusts. Hitachi QB35E, a dry/wet vacuum cleaner, is that kind of tool that will clean your floor regardless of the status of the dust on the floor. It has the capability of absorbing both wet and dry dust leaving your floor as clean as new. Traditional vacuum cleaners are only able to work on dry dust.

Hitachi QB35E is a tool for all. One can use it commercial or use it at home. Commercially, professional cleaners who are contracted to clean offices in bigger business organizations can use the tool. Can also be used by building and construction contractors; after they have fully completed the contract, they need to leave the room clean, free from dust. At home, the vacuum cleaner can be used for basic floor and pavement cleaning; well kept driveways could also be cleaned by use of these state of the art vacuum cleaners. Some of the features that make Hitachi QB35E a tool for all are:

Powerful Motor

A motor with 1100 watts power Hitachi QB35E. The motor is built for greatest performance. It gives the vacuum cleaner the capability to work on floors that have larger layers of dust. One can use the tool on rooms that have stayed for long without use and dust has accumulated. It is also able to suck wet dust. Generally, wet dust is heavier than dry dust, which makes it impossible to suck it by use of some vacuum cleaners. With Hitachi QB35E’s powerful motor, sucking of wet dust is as fast as sucking dry one.

Large Dust Capacity

Hitachi QB35E has a large dust capacity. It has a drum, which can hold up to 35 liters of dust. This is a very large capacity that allows one to clean large rooms without having to empty the drum; no time is wasted in constant emptying of the drum.

User Friendly Vacuum Cleaner

Hitachi QB35E comes with a manual. The manual coupled with the auto-tool plug in feature makes the vacuum cleaner use friendly. To use it, you do not need to have had a prior experience with a vacuum cleaner. By briefly going through the manual, you are able to work with the tool. It also comes with a far reaching accessory kit. With the long hose, you are able to work on a large area without having to move the machine.

Suction Power Control

Hitachi QB35E has an in line capacity slide. The feature allows the user to control the suction of the tool. When there is a lot of dust to be sucked, you increase the suction power and reduce it when the dust to be sucked is less.

In short, the Hitachi QB35E Vacuum Cleaner is suitable for household and commercial purposes alike with its multipurpose features.

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