How to Fix Error 0xc0000142 "Application Has Failed to Initialize" Instantly

You can come across error 0xc0000142 any time. This error is not a major problem and can be rectified in easy steps. Normally, error 0xc0000142 occurs with a message “Application has failed to Initialize”. There are several reasons why your system shows up this error and message.

Generally if you reboot your system, the error is corrected. But if this doesn’t work, then you have to look for other reasons that have caused such an error. If you come across “Application has failed to Initialize” message, you should scan the system for looking at the reasons that caused the error. Once the scan is done, you can be sure that the system files are replaced. After doing this, reboot the system and you will be free from errors.

Look for the DLL files, because error 0xc0000142 can occur if the DLL files are not properly installed. This can happen if the DLL files are corrupt or missing. You should have to delete the corrupt DLL files and add new ones in your system, which will help in correcting the issue.

There is also a chance that some of the programs running in the system can cause error 0xc0000142. This may be because some of the programs may be corrupt or not installed properly. If you have such files in your system, uninstall the corrupt programs and then install an updated version of it.

Apart from all these, you should also clean the registry. It is in the registry that all the major files are kept for the smooth functioning of the system. The registry becomes corrupt if some of the files have errors and because of the load of files added to it when you run programs. This is not a big issue and the registry can be cleaned very easily. You can come across registry cleaning tools that do the cleaning in a short time. Another benefit of the registry cleaning tools is that there is no need to fear of losing any of the important files in the registry. You can also do the cleaning on your own if you are really aware of doing it.

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