Installation of a Clawfoot Bathtub

There are times when one wishes to bring a new look to their home. One of the rooms, easy to start in, is the bathroom. The entire family and guests, at one time or another, enter this room. To create a different appearance which will be pleasing and unique, installing a claw foot bathtub is a way to begin. With this bathtub the entire room can be designed with a Victorian era or other era motif.

The two styles of claw foot bathtubs are American and European. The American tubs usually have the faucets install directly into the tub while the European ones have the faucets on the outside of the tub. These faucets are mounted outside the tub and, usually hang over the edge of the tub. A spray hose can be attached on these faucets and rests on a telephone like stand. There are no faucet holes in these tubs; however, holes can be drilled if standard faucets are desired. In choosing a used European tub one needs to look carefully to see what holes are in the tub as, if they do not meet your plans, it is almost impossible to fill them in once they’ve been drilled. The American tubs incorporate the faucets directly into the tub. The American tubs come in many sizes so can fit almost any bathroom.

The claw foot bathtub can be purchased in iron, with an enamel finish, or in acrylic. The iron tub is very heavy to lift while the acrylic tub is lightweight and can be moved easily. Many colors are available to fit any color scheme as well. To follow the era’s design a shower can be installed which is composed of a large metal ring over the tub to provide an enclosing shower curtain. This is very handy when one does not wish to take the time for a full bath.

Claw foot bathtubs come in several styles. Roman, the slipper, the double slipper, and free standing are just a few of the most popular. There are other antique looking tubs, but they do not have the claw feet. Some designers choose the antique tub with gold feet and follow through with the design on other fixtures in the room such as a pedestal wash basin. Used iron tubs are available, but one should be careful to note how the faucets are to be installed to make sure it will fit in with your overall design plans.

Fitting for the claw foot bathtub faucets and connecting to the water source usually requires an experienced plumber for installation so it is important to contact one familiar with this type of installation. A little imagination and research can produce a room that will be a pleasure to all and show the decoration ability of the homeowner. In addition, it will add to the value of the home in case of a resale.

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