Make Your Kitchen Life Easier With Waste King Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal is both a blessing a boon for every household. Just imagine how convenient it is to have food leftovers, chicken bones and any excess waste to be flushed down the sink and grinded into bits and pieces. The Waste King garbage disposal is probably one of the best results of the brilliance in technology. As much as it is fun to watch how you can toss an almost entire chicken down to the sink without causing any clog, it is also an impressive tool to have in your kitchen that will surely wow your guests.

Waste king is proud to have two major lines of products that belong to the legend series. The EZ-mount and 3-bolt mount series respectively are both effective in disposing food waste quicker which will save you time. The legend series also grinds faster and uses less energy so you save on electricity during the process. The Waste King garbage disposal has several features that will suit your kitchen requirements. You can get the cheaper product if you have a small family or if you live alone. Cheap does not mean poor quality.

All of the products regardless of the price are all top of the line products with superior quality. They didn’t sacrifice quality. For larger families, the higher end products will be ideal as it can work harder, faster and longer. It is ideal for disposing large amount of kitchen waste as it is designed for heavy duty performance. The mid-range products on the other hand will also suit average sized families.

The Legend series are also categorized according to various product functionalities, such as the ease of the installation procedure, the sound insulation, horsepower and the overall suitability to your kitchen. Waste king has also made an effort to create an eco-friendly model to avoid pollution. You will find the price range for their series to be affordable and reasonable which is from $70 to around $220. The lower end items will normally carry 1/3 to 1/2 horsepower.

The Waste King garbage disposal also has four categories of horse power. They come in ½ HP, 1/3HP, 3/4HP and 1 HP. The lower end will be the cheaper version and the higher end is more expensive but powerful and high-performing. All Waste King garbage series are rated number 1 in quality and unparalleled performance. On top of that, they also come with a standard warranty which ranges from 2 to 10 years, with the exemption of the legend 8000 series which comes with a lifetime warranty.

If you want to make your kitchen life easier, a Waste King garbage disposal is all you need to maintain a clean and tidy kitchen free of any kitchen scraps and rotten foods. It is one of the best innovative additions to your kitchen tools, and a must-have for every household.

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