Medical Instruments Maintenance: How to Clean the Sphygmomanometer

In order for the doctors to diagnose, monitor, treat, or alleviate the abnormal condition of their patients; they would always need instruments, tools, apparatus, appliances, or materials. Most of these medical instruments are made from superior quality materials and engineered to be reused. And these reusable medical equipment or devices need to be sterilized or cleaned immediately in order to use them again.

There are so many reasons why we have to clean the medical instruments right after using them. First and foremost, the instruments used by physicians during diagnosis or treatment procedures are usually exposed to different pathogens coming from the patient. So to reduce, if not eliminate, the buildup organic debris, blood, and other pathogenic microorganisms on the instruments that often cause cross contamination or might worsen the patient’s current medical condition, they should be cleaned right away. Aside from keeping these medical instruments free from contamination, we are also required to immediately clean them after using so as to maintain their tiptop shape and ensure they are delivering accurate information.

The sphygmomanometer is just one of the reusable medical instruments that can be found not just in the hospital but also in our home. This medical instrument typically consists of an inflatable cuff, a measuring unit, as well as inflation bulb and valve. Among its components, the cuff is said to be the one that easily gets contaminated since it often has a direct contact to the skin of the patient. So make sure that it will not cause any infection to the next user, this article will provide you tips on how to clean the essential medical instruments intended for monitoring blood pressure.

The proper way of cleaning the cuff of the sphygmomanometer is to remove first from the rubber inflation bag from it and engage the hook and loop fasteners to prevent link from collecting in the hooks. After doing so, wash the cuff in warm, soapy water and non-chlorine bleach if necessary. It is highly recommended to use warm, soapy water and non-chlorine bleach in cleaning as said component as they will help extend the cuff’s durability.

Washing the cuff is not enough. It still need undergo the process of sterilization and disinfection, which is said to be the surest methods to kill microorganism. The cuff along with the rubber bag and inflation valve should be sterilized using a commercially available disinfectant solution like Ethylene Oxide. Remember not to iron nor autoclave the cuff because putting the said item on temperatures beyond 325 degrees Fahrenheit or 162 degrees Celsius will cause melting of the hook and loop fasteners. Meanwhile, the proper way of cleaning the measuring unit and the inflation valve of the sphygmomanometer is to wipe it using a piece of cotton moistened with a disinfectant solution.

Meticulous sterilization and disinfection of medical instruments are very important because it is the surest solution to kill microorganism. Through this, the safety of the patients or users is absolutely guaranteed.

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