"Nah That Sh*t Was Real...Real Fake!"  - Kyle Larson & Co. Go Berserk at Bubba Wallace's Diamond Earring Photos from 2012

“Nah That Sh*t Was Real…Real Fake!” – Kyle Larson & Co. Go Berserk at Bubba Wallace’s Diamond Earring Photos from 2012

Recently NASCAR organized a get-together among the Cup Series drivers who started racing during the 2012 season. The lineup saw Bubba Wallace and Ryan Blaney among several others. During the show, Mamba Smith was talking about how Wallace had 16k followers back in 2012, hearing which Blaney cracked a joke on Wallace’s old diamond earring sending everyone into a frenzy.

Before Wallace could respond to Mamba Smith mentioning how many followers he had back in 2012, Ryan Blaney interjected and said “probably because of the diamond earring you had in your ear.” Everyone broke into laughter. The 23Xi driver was then asked why did he take that diamond stud off, to which he responded, “I became the stud myself.” Bubba then continued stating, “That was, I had that earring in since 4th grade. It just kinda felt like me. Until I realized it wasn’t me.”


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Talking about his piercing he added, “My hole is like permanent so I could probably stick one in right now and rock it. Ima show up to Daytona, and wack all you’re a**’s there with a diamond earring.” Blaney then stated, “go all the way up build a bridge. Golden Gate up his ear.”

Wallace then concluded by stating that he might bring it back. And when asked if it was real he said, “That sh*t was real. It was real fake. 30 Dollars from Claires.”

NASCAR fans react to Bubba Wallace’s sense of humor during the NASCAR reunion

Fans seemed to have appreciated the one-liners dropped in by the 23XI Racing’s driver during the reunion video.

Aug 21, 2022; Watkins Glen, New York, USA; NASCAR Cup Series driver Bubba Wallace interacts with the fans prior to the Go Bowling at The Glen at Watkins Glen International. Mandatory Credit: Matthew OHaren-USA TODAY SportsBubba

They soon took to Twitter to react and leave their impressions on the Wallace earring story.


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