Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is an excellent addition to any outdoor space. From the smallest patio to the most sprawling yard, patio furniture instantly transforms it to usable living space. Furniture designed for outdoor use is traditionally made with durable and functional materials. Examples of these materials are plastic resins, cast-aluminum, and various woods. Each of the materials have different qualities that impact their appropriate use. Plastics products are relatively inexpensive. They are completely waterproof and therefore can be left out year round. Unfortunately, their lightweight construction makes them vulnerable to winds and UV rays can weaken them over time.

Cast-aluminum is another option which has seemingly limitless options. It can be more expensive but typically looks very elegant and is quite durable. To create the many color and surface options, cast-aluminum patio furniture is powder-coated. This coating provides a very durable finish, but suntan lotions, perspiration and car exhaust can eventually break down the powder-coating. Although aluminum will not rust, it may corrode if the coating is compromised.

Wooden patio furniture is another option available. Teak, eucalyptus, cedar, and shorea are common woods used in outdoor application. They are all very attractive and durable, but they differ in price points and type of maintenance required. Although well-known for being fairly expensive, teak is truly maintenance free and will last for generations. Cedar is another maintenance free option with a smaller price tag. Shorea and eucalyptus are very attractive, less-expensive options, but they can be a bit less durable. In addition to materials, patio furniture is available in an endless array of styles and sets. Some of these options include dining sets, deep-seating sets, and benches.

Dining sets can vary greatly in design and style. A more traditional option is a classic table surrounded by chairs with or without an umbrella. A smaller space is easily outfitted with a bistro style dining set. This set is typically a round, smaller diameter table with 2 armless chairs. Yet another alternative is an outdoor bar set with stools. Deep-seating is the term used to describe patio furniture that has more of a living room feel. Whether a sectional or sofa and loveseat combination, these sets will have thicker cushions and are usually accompanied by end tables and perhaps a coffee table. Benches are the classic outdoor patio furniture. From semi-circular conversation benches to hardy park-style benches, the options are truly limitless. There really is no landscape that would not be enhanced by an outdoor bench. In conclusion, patio furniture has truly evolved into a full-line industry. With all of the available options, it has become easier than ever to decorate any outdoor space.

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