Resin Patio Furniture Is A Wonderful, Eco-Friendly Surprise

Most of us have fallen victim to the plastic and resin furniture that is just so inexpensive that you can’t resist bringing them home from discount and home improvement stores. They seem like such a great solution for all our entertainment needs, especially if we only occasionally entertain outdoors.

But shortly after we get them home, we regret our choice. They feel flimsy to sit in and within a year, start to crack and discolor as the elements do their best to destroy what little beauty we saw in them.

Small wonder why people initially shy away when they hear the words resin patio furniture. But the new generations of furniture using resins have much more in common with traditional wood furniture than they do to those rickety plastic chairs and tables of old.

Today’s resin patio furniture is made out of recycled plastics. That’s right, not only are these products beautiful, but they are eco-friendly too.

Some manufacturers actually use high-density polyethylene, which comes from post-consumer bottle waste. In other words, the company uses old milk and detergent bottles to make the furniture. After being decontaminated and purified, the plastic waste is formed into board stock and some resin furniture contains as much as 90% recycled plastic by weight.

You can wow your neighbors with your concern for the ecology, all the while enjoying patio furniture that outperforms wood in some respects. Why? Well, resin patio furniture is more resilient to weathering the elements. Wind, dew, snow, wind and heat won’t crack or mar the finish. Neither will freezing temperatures, so if you live in the northern climes, you don’t have to worry about a harsh winter ruining your resin patio furniture.

This patio furniture is extremely strong, too, not only because of the way the plastic is produced and formed, but also because quality resin patio furniture uses stainless steel hardware and bolts that won’t rust or weaken as the years go by. And you can count on these furnishings to last a very long time, certainly longer than most wood and cast metal products, if given the same exposure to the elements.

There are some other advantages too. Resin furniture doesn’t need to be painted or stained and is available in a wide range of colours. These colors won’t fade over time, even with prolonged exposure to the sun as they are treated with specially-formulated UV stabilizers. When they get dirty, a little soap and water will have them looking like new in no time at all. They won’t splinter or crack with age either, something that some wood furnishings, such as those made of cedar, can’t lay claim to.

Resin patio furniture won’t mold or mildew easily, or warp. And even close up, you might find it hard to tell that these furnishings are actually made of resin, as many are manufactured with realistic wood grains, giving them a warm, natural appearance.

Compared to aluminum furniture, you’ll find that resin furniture likes to stay put should an unexpected wind kick up. You’ll never have to brave the elements to retrieve your errant and wandering lawn furniture again.

Best of all, resin furniture for the patio comes in nearly every style imaginable, from handsome Adirondack chairs, chaises and ottomans to chairs, tables and even blends of wicker and upholstery that mirror traditional wicker furniture.

All of these products are made to last, especially when purchased from a reputable retailer or manufacturer. For best selection, you probably want to start by shopping online. Online retailers were early adopters of the green movement and were some of the first companies to offer this high quality, eco-friendly style of furniture.

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