Seahawks Celebrate Lumen Field’s 20 Year Anniversary With Stadium Enhancements

Seahawks Celebrate Lumen Field’s 20 Year Anniversary With Stadium Enhancements

On the 20th anniversary of the opening of Lumen Field, the Seahawks and First & Goal Inc. announce stadium enhancements, or “fanovations,” that will improve the gameday experience for fans.

Twenty years after Lumen Field, then known as Seahawks Stadium, first opened its doors, the Seahawks and First & Goal Inc. announced several improvements to the stadium that fans will begin experiencing during the 2022 season.

As part of the team’s commitment to fan-centric innovations, or “fanovations,” Lumen Field will feature, new video boards in 2022, more than doubling the size of the current north video board; a new concession area in the upper concourse; and new Cityside Bars located under the Hawks Nest on the north end of the stadium.

The fact that Lumen Field was selected as a host venue for FIFA World Cup 2026 speaks to Lumen Field’s status as a premier sporting venue, but that doesn’t mean the Seahawks and First & Goal Inc., don’t want to keep improving the fan experience.

“Having our stadium chosen to host World Cup matches is a compliment to how well we’ve kept that facility in world class condition,” Seahawks president Chuck Arnold said. “To do that though, we need to continue to have a sharp eye on maintenance and modernization. We’ve done a good job about it, but we have to continue to work hard at that. So there’s a lot of new improvements you’ I’ll see over the next three years that modernize the building.”

Zach Hensley, the Seahawks’ vice president of operations and general manager of Lumen Field, said the upgrades should help address feedback they’ve received from fans in recent years. A new concessions area on the upper concourse titled District Market should also ease crowding on the upper concourse thanks to the reduced number of people standing in lines.

As Arnold noted, “That’s more than half our audience up there, and we want to make sure they have a great gameday experience.”

The Cityside Bars, a 6,300 square foot area under the Hawks Nest, will feature 83 feet of drink rails facing the field, addressing another issue brought up by fans by creating a communal space where fans can interact away from their seats while still watching the game .

“This is an investment into improving guest experience,” Hensley said. “Going into the 20th anniversary here, we’ve got to make sure that Lumen Field remains a relevant, premier venue in the sports entertainment world.”

And while this year’s stadium enhancements will be sure to improve the gameday experience for fans in 2022, the Seahawks won’t be done upgrading Lumen Field. Over the next couple of years, Lumen Field will continue to add additional improvements throughout the stadium, including the addition of the Tunnel Club, which will be a ticketed hospitality area where fans can see players go to and from the locker room, as well as improvements made to the Verizon Lounge.

“Our fans travel around the country, they get a chance to see other facilities, and even in our own hometown, we have Climate Pledge, which is an amazing new arena, we have T-Mobile Park, which is one of the most beautiful ballparks in the country,” Arnold said. “We want to continue to be one of the most beautiful and fan-engaging facilities in sports, and be a marquee venue nationally.”

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