Seed Cleaner – The Importance of Grain Cleaning Equipment

What can a seed cleaner do for you? Well, just imagine trying to clean a whole harvest’s worth of grain by hand. Imagine trying to separate out the dirt, weeds, chaff and debris manually. Not only would it take you until next year’s harvest to accomplish it – if you could – but you surely wouldn’t have time to get any of the scores of other jobs done that need doing.

Grain cleaning equipment takes all the hard work out of the equation. Mobile seed cleaners can come to your farm and process tons of seed every hour, leaving you free to get on with your work. Machinery is so advanced these days that it’s hard to imagine how people coped with the process in the past.

The Right Equipment Matters

Your local seed cleaning specialists will use a combination of grain cleaners and sorting processes to efficiently remove unwanted materials from the grain, leaving you with the purest, strongest, most resilient batch of seeds possible. They do this by making use of a number of tools and techniques, including:

Seed separation by size – all the grain from a single harvest can be fed into the machine at the same time, radically speeding up the cleaning process. Seeds are sorted by size so that smaller seeds don’t get mixed in with the larger ones that have a better chance of germinating.

Dust removal – sieves and vibrators get rid of any dust, dirt, weeds and damaged seed particles that might contaminate the mix, leaving you with the strongest and most vigorous seeds guaranteed to bring you the maximum return on your investment. Unwanted bits and pieces are ejected from the machine to keep them away from the quality seeds.

Galvanized steel – machine parts are made of rust-proof galvanized steel to ensure there’s no contamination from the machinery itself. This helps to ensure that once your seeds have been cleaned and sorted, you know they’re as pure and healthy as they can possibly be.

An Essential Function

Seed cleaning machines have been providing farmers with efficient and economical methods of reusing their best seed for centuries. Not only does it make light work of cleaning and grading seeds, but by selecting only the best and strongest seeds it also guarantees next year’s crop will be a productive and fruitful one. That’s probably the best reason you’ll ever hear for putting grain cleaning equipment to work for you.

On top of that, most seed cleaning services have the facility to treat seeds with fungicidal dressings and trace elements that keep seeds healthy during storage. When planting time comes round you know that all you have to do is put the seeds in place, without any extra work or effort. Treatments will also help to curb the threat of contamination from herbicide-resistant weeds that can spread disease and devastate crops in days.

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