Showers, Shower Screens And The Home

By definition, there are two main types of domestic showers: the stall shower and the bathtub / shower combo. As its name implies, the former is a shower stall. Shower screens enclose shower stalls for privacy and to prevent water to spray or splash outside the enclosure. The locker-room shower is a variant composed of several shower stalls in a large shower area. The bathtub / shower combination, on the other hand, is found in most homes as they offer both the convenience of a quick shower and the luxury of a long warm bath.

Other types of showers came into existence according to how they are used. As of the present, nine known types are employed by various users for specific purposes.

1) The air shower is one that has nothing to do with personal hygiene or water. It employs high-pressure air to blow dust and other possible contaminants off “cleanroom” environment personnel.

2) The electric shower does not spurt electricity but warm water that is electrically heated preferred in places where gas heating (in water boilers) is expensive.

3) A field shower is the type used, as a rule, by the military for purposes of hygiene or decontamination for when personnel is exposed to hazardous or toxic materials.

4) Navy showers are not necessarily exclusive to navy use. It is a controlled method of taking a shower where water stops midway for the bather to soap himself and rinse within the next minute when water becomes available again.

5) Power shower simply means increased water pressure from an electric pump.

6) A steam shower is actually a steam bath in a stall with shower screens. It is a cosmetic / health bath and sometimes indulged in with other persons in a large spa.

7) A Vichy shower is not actually a shower. It is a shallow bed (with drainage) where a spa customer lies while large quantities of warm water is poured over him.

8) Roman shower is a misnomer. It does not mean you have to be a Roman to enjoy them nor does it describe a Roman bath. They are shower stalls without the benefit of even cheap shower screens. Some hotels feature this type for easy access by handicapped guests. Hence the nickname “roll-in shower”.

9) An emergency shower is one provided mostly by laboratories as a counteractive or remedial measure in cases of accidental burns, explosions or contamination. Located proximal to its potential users, it is designed to continually run in a torrent for at least 15 minutes gushing from between 30-60 gallons of water per minute.

Home showers come in at least 5 different models of shower screens – all aesthetically designed to fit any homeowner’s theme orientation: framed, semi-framed, frameless, mirage and enduro shield.

Given the resources, building beautiful homes are now as easy as getting pizza delivery. The most beautiful fixtures and materials of the highest quality are now readily available. Everywhere.

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