Spring Cleaning Tips For Clearing Clutter – And How to Turn Some of Your Trash Into Cash

Do you have too much stuff? Especially too many books, CDs, DVDs, games, etc.? Sometimes it’s hard to let go. Read on for a few ideas that may help you to let go of excess books.

I have my own challenges with too much stuff. The thing is, I really like my books. I have also invested a considerable amount of money in them, so I can’t just throw them out, even if I don’t think I’ll ever read them again.

But … here’s what is helping me:

There’s a way to release them and feel good about it too. Check out the following options:

1) Sell Your Stuff on Amazon Marketplace

That one works especially well with books, media mail items of all kinds, and even other stuff.

You can go to Amazon, find the book or item you have to sell, and just click on “Have one to sell” and you’re off to the races.

2) eBay

You can also sell stuff on eBay of course. eBay works better for non-book items. Still, that’s not always the case. The trick is to know what to sell where.

The same principle applies that I mentioned above: It’s always easier to let things go if you know they’re going to someone who wants them enough to be willing to pay for them.

3) Your favorite charity

Next, you can release anything that won’t go into any of the above categories to your favorite charity. Do pick one that actually has use for your stuff. If you have books and media items, pick a charity that has a store with a nice book section.

There are a couple of places locally that have a very well stocked book section, and I know that if I give my books to them they will find a new home. Another charity, on the other hand, has just a couple of jumbled shelves for the books – book lovers are unlikely to seek them out for special finds.

4) Garage sales

Garage sales are a very popular option when it comes to spring cleaning tips. At some level, it may be less work than eBay OR Amazon.com, but the yield is probably going to be a lot lower as well.

Then again, it helps with clearing clutter, and can be a lot faster than listing things for sale. But you’d have to be willing to let them go for pennies on the dollar.

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