Steps in Cleaning Up Spaghetti Sauce Stains on the Rug

Spaghetti is certainly a delicious and tasty food which is why almost everybody loves to eat it. It is always a big hit among young and old alike because of its amazing taste and the many varieties on how you can enjoy it. While the rich and creamy spaghetti sauce is great for your taste buds, it should be something that you do not allow to get on your rug fibers.

Rug stains are very hard to clean and you never want to experience this predicament in your home. Sadly, accidentally spilling spaghetti sauce on your rug is one of the more common occurrences that can happen in a household. If ever this unfortunate predicament happens to you, just follow the useful guide below to help get your rug looking clean and tidy once more.

1. Try to pick up the loose food particles on your rug right away to start off the process of restoring the condition and appearance of your rug. This means picking up the spaghetti noodles either using your hands or a clean fork or spoon. Then, use some paper towels to blot the spilled spaghetti sauce so that you can prevent it from penetrating the fibers of your rug deeper.

2. The second thing that you have to do is to make a cleaning solution which will help in breaking down the stain on your rug at home. You can use some items that you have in your home in making your cleaning solution. One example of a homemade cleaning solution is a mixture of one teaspoon dish washing liquid with a cup of warm water. Try making this cleaning solution and then move on to the next step.

3. Apply a few drops of the cleaning solution on the spaghetti sauce stain on your rug. Next, let it stay on the stain for about three minutes before using a clean paper towel to blot the ugly stain repeatedly. Blotting the stain is going to help lift it out of your rug fibers. Continue to blot the spaghetti sauce stain until it is completely removed.

4. The final step is removing the residue that could harm the fibers of your rug over time. To do this, grab a cup of room temperature water and pour it on the spot that you just cleaned. Then, use some clean rags to finish the job.

Hopefully the guide above will help you solve your rug cleaning problem. Good luck!

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