Stone Flooring – Home Improvement at Its Best

Stone flooring, whether natural or man-made can significantly change a house into a luxurious and attractive looking home. With its versatility of use for internal and external areas, the durability and wide range of choices makes this type of flooring extremely popular as a way of upgrading the home.

Variations in stone floors are vast and include limestone, marble, granite, slate, travertine, flagstone, terracotta, ceramic and quarry tiles. Each offer a unique display of individual colors and can add a characteristic finishing touch to a themed room.

One thing that often amazes home-owners is how much larger a room looks after stone tiles are laid. The human eye is fooled into thinking a layer of tiles with a 3-dimensional look makes a room look and feel that much bigger – a great advantage in smaller houses and a huge potential selling point.

Whilst not always the cheapest option of flooring, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages and include;

Versatility – ideal for use in both domestic and commercial areas, internally and externally.

Durability – high traffic areas benefit greatly from stone floors due to their longevity and easy maintenance.

Stain resistance – once a professional has sealed and protected the floor, stains wipe up quickly and easily leaving little or no residue behind.

Low maintenance – treated correctly, stone floors need little care and maintenance to keep them looking like new.

Appealing appearance – stone floors can transform a room or outside area, adding a sophisticated feel to the home.

Natural stones are made either glazed or unglazed and it is important to understand the stone’s natural features in order to keep the floor looking like new. No two stone tiles will ever look the same, allowing for completely uniqueness in the home.

Some natural stones are more porous than others and individual tiles will react differently to alkali or more acidic cleaners. With each type of stone requiring its own unique cleaning method, it is therefore imperative to enlist the help of a professionally trained stone floor cleaner. Not only do professionals have a wealth of knowledge and experience in looking after your precious floor, they have specialized equipment and products to ensure the stone’s life is extended as well as cleaned and protected thoroughly.

Taking the time to choose which is the right type of stone for your chosen area will pay dividends when you finally enjoy your new surroundings. And with a little help from your local professional stone floor cleaner, you can relax in the knowledge that you can continue to enjoy your stone floor for a long time to come.

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