Tips for Vinyl Floor Wax Cleaning

While you go for decorating your home, the most important thing on which you invest is flooring. Nowadays market is furnished with different types of flooring that includes classic and synthetic flooring. Classic flooring involves natural materials for designing like marble, wood etc. Synthetic flooring involves designing materials of synthetic nature such as vinyl or linoleum. Vinyl flooring is the most popular among the people because of it’s elegant look and affordable price. However, when it comes to maintaining and cleaning the vinyl floors, house owners think too much. Following are some caring tips to get clean and shiny vinyl floors.

Vinyl floors can be easily cleaned with the help of vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaner doesn’t allow dirt and grits to accumulate on the floor. You can also use damp cloth to wipe the floor. When your floor looses its shine you can go for wax cleaning of it. It will regain the lustrous and give a beautiful look to your home.

The first step in waxing the vinyl floor is removing the old coating and dirt from the floor. You can just use lukewarm water for the purpose because all other kinds of chemicals may harm your flooring. After removing dust you can apply wax stripper to your floor. You can collect an appropriate wax stripper from a hardware store by communicating with the worker available on the counter. You can also get the guidance from written directions on the wax stripper can.

After getting a wax free floor you can apply a good quality wax to your vinyl floor. Market is equipped with lots of brands. Choose a high quality wax if you want a long lasting floor surface for your house. It is advisable to put 5-6 coatings of the wax so that luster can be retained for a longer time.

With these cleaning methods you have to follow some precautions also. Vinyl flooring is mostly damaged by the furniture corners and heavy objects. It is very hard to remove the stains from this. So try to clean the stain as soon as possible. Avoid the usage of detergents to clean because it leaves patches on the floor.

With these helpful tips you can get a flooring which will give a pretty look to whole area of ​​your house. Just go ahead.

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