Why 49ers should keep Jimmy Garoppolo to back up Trey Lance in 2022

Why 49ers should keep Jimmy Garoppolo to back up Trey Lance in 2022

The 49ers comprehensively botched the Jimmy Garoppolo situation this offseason.

They couldn’t trade him. They didn’t cut him. They seemed blindsided by his March shoulder surgery. Ridding themselves of Garoppolo before the 2022 season began was the team’s top priority. It has not happened.

And at this point, it makes more sense for the 49ers to admit failure and keep Garoppolo.

The goal is to win the Super Bowl, right?

Why wouldn’t the Niners want to have one of the best backup quarterbacks in the NFL behind first-year starter Trey Lance?

But what about the cost? What about the drama?

Well, the former doesn’t pass muster — the Niners are flush with cash — and we’ve been told by the team brass over the last 15 months that the latter shouldn’t be an issue.

So why not just keep Garoppolo around? Lance is a running quarterback who picked up multiple injuries last season. Nate Sudfield won’t win games in Lance’s stead, but Garoppolo could.

And to answer your other question: Yes, I find it strange that I, one of Garoppolo’s staunchest critics, am now in a position defending the quarterback and advocating for him to remain on the 49ers.

But that’s how messed up this situation is.

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