Window Cleaning Tips and Tools From a Window Cleaner # 8

Some of the most common window cleaning tools for commercial window cleaning and window washing are extension poles and deionized water fed poles.

The deionized water cleaning system has made window cleaner’s jobs easier around the world.

There are also reverse osmosis systems that work together with deionized water systems that make the supply of water last longer. If you are burning through tanks, then it is probably time to look into reverse osmosis. There are also small deionized tanks for car detailing and home owners trying to just do little home improvement jobs.

The water fed poles are not just for commercial use. They work wonders for residential window cleaning as well. It makes it a lot easier to clean the outside. The windows are still done the same way on the inside. The screens still have to be removed and there is still a little ladder work to be done, but this does make the job a lot easier. This method can save the window cleaner hours of hard work and time.

If you are a new window cleaner or homeowner, or even a window cleaner who never really tried deionized water or water fed poles, take it from one window washer to another- you have got to try to save yourself some time and money.

If you’re a window washer or window cleaner and you don’t think you can afford a deionized tank or water fed pole, you can look into the option of renting the tank. The pole might be costly for you at first, but I am sure you will get your investment back by all the time and money you will save.

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